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Education through drama
by J P Pereira

Ives Tavares with Seby Pinto has released a video film, with the evils of abortion and other vices as its main theme.
Titled ‘Bhitorlea Monancho Mhonis’, this docu drama released through MANFA MUSIC, Margao educates and entertains.
The tale revolves round three couples. One is longing for a child, the other aborts their baby and the husband has an affair while the third wishes to go in for an abortion as the wife feels the baby will be troublesome.
The stories of these couples run parallel, with plenty of knowledge imparted on artificial insemination, troubles, physical and emotional pain inflicted by abortion and the evils of alcoholism. There is also the comedy with a puny lottery vendor who sells tickets to cigarette smokers and the prizes include cancers, heart diseases and other serious illness. Watch out also for the owner of the fighter cock, who is also a victim of smoking.
The cast has Felcy, Aplon, Annie and Pradnya playing major roles. There is Mathew, Anil Kumar, Seby Pinto and Elvis. Others in the cast include Dr Silvano Sapeco, Fr Savio, Fr Valerian Vaz and many others. The lighter humorous momments are provided by Humbert and Ives.
Mukesh and Mathew’s music is pleasant and Minguel Fernandes photography captures the scenes well although a bit of editing would have made the film much more slick. However, the educative element makes the film worth watching.
The other release from Manfa Music is ‘Vadoll’ a suspense film written by Valencio Vaz and directed by Fabian G da Costa. A story of a young man who has gone mad after his fiancĂ©e is murdered, the film continues with the turmoil of the boy’s parents, the entry of another girl who looks just like the murdered one and the motives of her lover. There is a lecherous ‘mama’, a cop who solves the murder in a jiffy and also many other characters who flit in and out.
The continuity of the suspense story is unfortunately marred by the long drawn comedy, which should have been cut to the bare minimum. Hazel heads the cast with the double role of the murdered girl and her look alike. Fine performances also come from Jessie, Mario de Vasoo, Elvis, Mini Mario, Ronny, and Valencio. Others in the cast are Milagres de Chandor, Janet, Ambe, Marcus and some others.
Chris Correia’s music is pleasant and Yogesh Mandrekar’s photography pleases the eye though the editing and dubbing leaves much to be desired.
An average entertainer!!!

courtesy: The Navhind Times

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Ordhi Bhakri

A story of selfless love
by J P Pereira (Navhind Times)

Thirty years back, Prem Kumar, the showman of the Konkani stage had written and directed the ‘tiatr’ titled ‘Ordhi Bhakri’. The same play has now been presented under the direction of Anil Kumar. After watching the show, one feels, that full justice has been done to this beautiful play.Produced by Candido Araujo, this tale of love, treachery and forgiveness depicts the selfless and undemanding love of Jose towards Paul, the son of the couple who had adopted him.

Jose is a poor farmer, married to Rosa and struggling to make both ends meet. He sends Paul to Mumbai to graduate into an engineer but Paul enjoys his life at Jose’s cost, falls in love with Nora all the time lying to her, that his brother is a rich businessman settled in Canada. The two get married and Jose is not even invited. On learning of his foster brother’s marriage, Jose lands in Mumbai, is insulted by Paul and sent back. When Nora learns of the happenings, from her sister Vera, she decides on a plan.

Watch what she does to put things right, in this absorbing entertainer that keeps the viewer engrossed till the end.
The presentation is a treat to the eyes and ears. The simple but thought provoking script from Prem Kumar, without those complex words, conveys the right message to the audience. The direction is sleek, the sets simple with good light effects and all the actors dress code is just appropriate.

The well chosen cast has Angela as Rosa. Her dialogue delivery with the right amount of emotion and her act is perfect. Fine performances come from Evon as Nora and Fatima as Vera. Anthony San as Jose and Anil Kumar as the rich landlord, perform wonderfully. So does Mathew with his subdued performance as the loving and understanding brother of Nora. Godwin as Paul acts well in the livelier parts but tends to overplay during the tragic parts. Micheal provides the comic relief, doing a fine job supported by a newcomer and Maria as Kamala, in a great performance of a Marathi speaking fisherwoman.

Josinho, Norman, Xavier and others provide some good music specially during the acts. The pick of the songs are two solos, a tribute to the late Dr. Jack de Sequeira by Xavier Almeida (great voice and singing) and a tribute to the late Ulhas Buyao by Anthony San. There are some nice songs by Joaquim Cabral, Socorro de Sta cruz, Godwin S Lemos, a trio from Fatima, Anil and Tony and a couple of other songs.

Although the story takes place 30 years back, the play never seems outdated. A perfect entertainer, do see it with the whole family. Highly recommended. !!!

‘Hea Gharachim Dharam Bhond’

A story of sacrifice and evil deeds
by J P Pereira (Navhind Times)

Laurente Pereira from Utorda, working in the Gulf, is an actor who has made quite an impression on the Konkani stage in Goa. After presenting his ‘tiatr’ titled ‘Hea Gharachim Dharam Bond’ in Gulf, the show is now staged in Goa. Some of the best artistes from the Konkani stage perform a tale of selfless love, misunderstandings, sacrifice and the evil that some men can do.The story revolves round a father, his two daughters Cynthia and Sonia and Trevor, the son. While Cynthia marries Dylan, Sonia is ditched at the altar for not bringing enough dowry. The son is a drunkard and presumed good for nothing. Dylan is a kind hearted individual, helpful to all and loves his wife a lot. But there is always evil lurking around in the form of Vicky, a freak of a man who is out to spoil peace for others. Watch what happens later as the story unfolds, when good triumphs over evil in the end.

The script has some nice meaningful dialogues but some of the incidents seem a bit dated. Suicide is not covered by Life Insurance and Trevor’s character is very much downtrodden.

The setting is beautiful, the light effects timely and the direction is just right. The well chosen cast has Felcy as Cynthia and Olga as Sonia. Two well enacted roles, both in the happy times as well as the sad times. Meena does her bit as the mother. Roseferns does a wonderful role of the father while Mathew’s act as the loving and caring Dylan is just perfect. Pascoal plays the drunken Trevor in his usual calm and confident manner and Victor is Cliff, the man who refuses to marry Sonia but wants her to come back later. Anil Pednekar is the evil Vicky. The audience could hate the character he plays, at the same time laugh at what he has to say. Cajetan does a wonderful cameo of the ‘bhatkar’. The comedy is provided by Querobina, Selvy and Agostinho. Quite amusing and once again Selvy steals the show with a great performance.

The opening song has the director introducing himself to the audience, with gratitude for all the support he received. There are some nice songs from Lawry, Pascoal and Marcos. One of the main attractions is a trio by Laurente – Marcus – Cajetan and a wonderfully humorous quartet by Peter – Roshan – Lawry – Selvy. There is also an impressive octet Laurente – Querobina - Pascoal – Felcy – Mathew – Olga – Victor and ofcourse Selvy. The play is an entertainer and is definitely worth watching!!!

‘Ho Mhozo Kaido’

Play with moral message
by J P Pereira (Navhind Times)

Konkani play ‘Ho Mhozo Kaido’ is the maiden release from Antush D’Silva. The ‘tiatr’ produced by J A Creations is a story of neglected parents, but has some situations that make the play quite interesting. Maria and Joseph are the elderly couple, who have spent most of their hard earned money not only to educate their two children but also to help them secure good jobs.The son, Allen is a customs officer, while Vincy, the daughter is an airhostess. Vincy wants to marry outside their religion and when parents object, she walks out of the house. Allen marries Vera, is bewitched by her and tends to forget his parents. Maria is suffering from blood cancer and requires frequent transfusions; so Joseph begs his son for help. Prodded by his wife, the son feigns helplessness. Watch what happens later in this presentation that is sometimes engrossing but at times, with situations that happen too conveniently.

There are impressive dialogues, fine direction but accusing a terminally sick mother of having an affair leaves a very rancid taste in the mouth. And why is the rest of the family never told of a serious sickness, in most of our Konkani dramas? Two scenes stand out for their stylish execution; the release of the bird and the angry father losing his head.

Antonette gives a fine performance with just the right emotion, as the suffering Maria. Felcy as Vera and Olga as Vincy give great negative performances, the former as the evil daughter-in-law and the latter as the heartless daughter. Antush is outstanding as the elderly father and this could be one of his best acts. Maxcy tends to make a tragedy of a negative role while Justino as Vera’s father, does his role in style. Filipe Almeida as the doctor and Menino de Bandar as a moneylender, lend good support. Janet, Agostinho and Marcos provide some average comedy. Cruz de Sanvordem backs with some good music and the background score during the acts, on the keyboard, is very appropriate.

In between the acts there are some great songs from Felcy, Marcus Vaz, Socorro de Santa Cruz, Francis de Tuem, Lawry, Menino de Bandar and Antush. The trio by Socorro, Cyril Almeida and Osvi Viegas deserves a special mention. A drama that is definitely worth watching.


Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter
From: "Sanio Fernandes"

Prince Jacob & Troupe headed for Dubai for "ROJEA"

Prince Jacob is all set to perform his much acclaimed Konkani drama "ROJEA" with his troupe of 18 professional actors and musicians at Al Nasr Leisureland, Dubai at
8:00 p.m. sharp on 8th November 2007.

For tickets please call 050-4563731 Rafael or for more details, email "Sanio Fernandes"


A review by J.P. Pereira in The Navhind Times

A laugh riot
by J P Pereira

‘Rojea’, the latest ‘tiatr’ from Prince Jacob Productions is an entertainer that makes a mockery of age-old false beliefs and at the same time, presents a family drama with lots of humour.
Margarida, an elderly widow runs her household with an iron hand. Her sons, Bernard and Damiao together with their respective wives, Angela and Lorraine are completely dominated by her. Her husband has been dead for some years but occasionally pays her a visit (in scenes that are executed in style) to point out her faults.
Angela loves and respects her husband but they have no children. She is accused of being barren, always taunted and ill treated, something she suffers silently. Lorraine has made a puppet of her husband, always dominating and abusive, but she is treated well. The play continues with the depiction of the lives of these family members together with some other characters, till the final triumph of patience and goodness over evil.
For once, the audience is witness to a laugh riot from the beginning to the end of the play. There is never a dull moment and the pace never slackens. Jacob has done a great job of the direction and the script has some very good lines. Please watch out for the message on abortions.
The cast perform without a hitch. Diana plays the matriarch Margarida, showing no emotion, just her dominance. But note the change in her demeanour when she sees her dead husband. Annie is Angela and Lorraine is Lorraine. The two act well, the former demure and suffering, the latter vivacious, crooked and domineering. Jacinto is rightly cast as Bernard and so is Bernard as Damiao. Aniceto, Ave and Joaquim play minor but important roles. The highlight is the comedy. Anita is perfect as the fashionable housemaid. The newcomer has a perfect style of acting, dialogue delivery and sense of timing. Watching her is great fun. Humberto with his mannerisms, swaggering walk and dialogue delivery, had the audience in splits. Jacob once again proves his mastery not only in comedy but acting as well. He plays three roles, is perfect in all, especially that of the dead husband.
Chari’s setting is simple but effective and John provides the perfect lighting. Music is provided by Domnic de Arambol and the opening song is enacted beautifully, involving most of the cast. Agnelo’s score on the keyboards, during the acts, is pleasant and there are some great songs from Annie, Lorraine, Ave, Aniceto, Bernard, Humbert and Jacob. A special mention has to be made of the tribute paid in song by Ave, to the late Dr Jack Sequeira. We Goans should be grateful to the late politician for preserving our identity and our mother tongue, Konkani. The song has great lyrics and is presented very well.
The play is a must see don’t miss it for anything!!!!

(As posted in Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter )

Prince Jacob Autobiography

KONKANI POEMS - Kovi: Lino B. Dourado

33rd Kala Academy's Tiatr Competition in Goa

Mali bags tops slot in 33rd tiatr competition at KA

The results of 33rd tiatr competition organized by Kala Academy have been declared and accordingly Mali staged by St. Michael Taleigao Socio-Cultural Association, Taleigao, bagged the first prize for the best performance. The competition was held between September 21., to October 10 at the Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir, Panjim with the participation of 12 tiatr groups. The competition was judged by Anthony Vaz, Teotonio D’Costa and Prof. Jose Salvador Fernandes, who gave their detailed results after evaluating the performances staged in the competition.
As per the detailed result, Odruxtti Jivit staged by Kala Mogi, Candolim has been selected for second prize, whereas Dolleam Add staged by Dramatic Troupe of Ribandar, Ribandar was adjudged for third prize. The consolation prize for performance was awarded to Chuddet’ staged by Britona Dramatic Academy, Penha -De -France.
The first prize for direction has been awarded to Premanand Polle for Mali, whereas the second prize has been given to Diogo Fernandes for Dolleam Add.The third prize for direction has gone to Avinash Chari for Fantodd.
The first prize for acting (male) has been given to Pradeep Naik (Romeo) - Dolleam Add..., and Custodio Cabral (Jaki-Pai) - Mali has been selected for the second prize. The first prize for acting (female) has been awarded to Gloria D’Souza (Bostian - Mai) - Mali and the second prize has been given to Irene Cardozo (Carmelin) - Odruxtti Jivit. The merit certificates for acting (male) have been awarded to Anthony Carvalho (Castelino) - Odruxtti Jivit, Shirish Naik (Clive) -Chuddet, Francisco Xavier Gonsalves (Lewis) - Air Hostess, Reginaldo Nazareth (Minglu) and Max Cabral (Max)- Xevott Aschona. Merit certificates for acting (female) have been awarded to Rosalia Rodrigues (Milly) - Dolleam Add. and Edwina Pires (Misha) -Utor.
Mathias Mascarenhas (Baltu) - Odruxtti Jivit has been adjudged as best comedian and the merit certificates for comedian has been given to Christopher Menezes (Jupeter) -Pattimbo, Sheikh Amir (Zemric) -Xevott Aschona and Joslyn Misquita (Istimosao) - Odruxtti Jivit. The prize for best child artist (male) has not been awarded. The prize for best child artist (female) has been bagged by Gemma Fernandes (Velly) - Chuddet.
The prizes for technical aspects -Setting -Shyam Kalangutkar (Mali), Light effects -Vikas Chopdekar (Mali), Music band - Agnelo Dias (Visronk Nam), Make-up -Sadanand Gawde (Dolleam Add...), costumes -Sonia Rodrigues (Chuddet), background music -Kedar Joshi (Dolleam Add.) have been awarded to respective artists.
Divino Almeida (Saoimbacho Samball) - Xevott Aschona and Nazario Pinto (Melea Uprant) -Fantodd, have been selected for first and second prize respectively for singing (male solo). The merit certificates in this category have been given to George Gonsalves (Munxeachi Kala) and Jose Gonsalves (tiatrist) -Pattimbo, Marciano Noronha (Visronk Nam)- Visronk Nam, Joao Camilo (Cancer)-Khonuch Noko and Agnelo Vaz (Koxtt Kor) - Xevott Aschona.
Livia D’Silva (Goa) -Mali and Evelize Fernandes (Bhurgeponn) - Mali have been selected for first and second prize respectively for singing (female solo). Hubert Clement (Devacho padri) -Fantodd has been adjudged as the best child singer (male) whereas the merit certificates in this category have been awarded to Aldair Figuiredo (Duddvank Lagon) - Zoglavnnem and Ciano King Fernandes (Altar boy) - Pattimbo. Claniffa Almeida (Burgim Girestkai) -Utor has been selected as the best child singer (female solo) whereas Benzilla Lobo (Kaide) -Dolleam Add has been awarded merit certificate in the same category.
Dorothy Viegas and Ezilda Fernandes (P.E. Jose Vaz) -Mali, have been selected for best duet/duo prize and the merit certificates in this category have been awarded to Shirlie and Lenzie Camilo (Axea) -Chuddet, Francis Cardozo and Magdeline Fernandes (Nirmon) -Dolleam Add, Ivy Pereira and Suzeta Pereira (Kaido), Francis Pinto and Nazario Pinto (Soro) -Fantodd.
Colisha D’Silva, Clancy D’Silva and Andrea D’Silva (Fudlea Pindkek) - Chuddet have been awarded prize for best trio whereas, Lenzie Camilo, Michelle Camilo, Tresila Camilo and Shirlie Camilo (Chorio) - Chuddet have been adjudged for best quartet singing prize.
Joe Luis D’Souza (Fudlea Pindkek Samball) - Chuddet has bagged the prize for best lyrics whereas the merit certificate in this category has been given to Sebastiao Salvador Fernandes (Konknni Bhas) - Khonuch Noko.
The first prize for script writing has been awarded to Pedro Vaz for the script of Mali whereas, the second prize has been bagged by Diogo Fernandes for Dolleam Add. Kala Academy has congratulated all the prize winning institutions and also the artistes.

Related news clippings on Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter:

Pedro Vaz' tiatr "MALI" wins first prize at
Kala Academy Tiatr Competition 2007

"Mali" written by Pedro Vaz and presented by St. Micheal Socio Cultural Association, Taleigao won the first prize at the Kala Academy’s 33rd Konkani Tiatr Competition 2007. "Odruxtti Jivit" written by Joao Cardozo and presented by Kala Mogi, Candolim bagged the second prize, while "Dollem Add...." written by Diogo Fernandes and staged by Dramatic Troupe of Ribandar was awarded the third prize.

The much patronized Kala Academy annual tiatr competition commenced on September 21 and concluded on October 10, 2007 (yesterday). The tiatr loving audience have a good time throughout the 3-weeks of the competition, where talented script writers, directors, stage set decorators, musicians and actors get a chance to display their talents, and gain recognition and fame.

In all, 12 Goan tiatr groups participated in this competition and included Sao Minguel Club, Dona Paula, Corjuem Dramatic Troupe-Corjuem, Kala Bharati Goa-Mormugao, Machi Mogi-St. Cruz, Britona Dramatic Academy-Penha de France, Alfi Art Production-Divar, United Dramatic Association-Carambolim, Tornateacho Ekvott-Margao, and Merces Club-Merces.

Other tiatrs staged during the competition were:
"Xevott Aschona" written by Eusico Fernandes.
"Visronk Nam" written by Anthony Gomes.
"Utor" written by Rumaldo Estrocio.
"Air Hostess" written by Menino Mario Araujo.
"Chuddet" written by Vinod Kumbharjuvekar
"Patimbo" written by Alfred Fernandes.
"Khonuch Noko" written by Sebastiao S. Fernandes.
"Fantodd" written by Agnelo Fernandes; and
"Zoglavnnem" written by Mark de Araujo.

Watch out for other details of the other prize winners for the different categories of the KA tiatr competition.......... in your favourite Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter (

As every year.............
you heard about the KA Tiatr Winners - first at
We hope to maintain this tradition.

Gaspar Almeida
( Team - Goa/Kuwait)
Special thanks to AM&GM.

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The silent stars of the 'BLACK' ensemble

The silent stars of the 'BLACK' ensemble
-by gasper crasto

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, fashion is on the street. Fashion is to do with ideas, the way we think. It is an era in the art of cinema-world to see a fashion of a different kind. To see what is ‘BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion’ (Fashion of Wearing BLACK).

Sure, it is going to be a delight for any nationality to come and watch as ‘BLACK’ will now be screened with English subtitles.

‘BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion’, the Konkani language movie produced in Kuwait by International Award Winning director T-Bush will be screened on Friday, November 30, 2007 at Hawally Auditorium at 3.00 pm sharp.

(From left to right) Abby, Braz, Babbit, Philip and Salu Faleiro in BLACK

Kala Academy Award winner for best actor Cajetan Pereira (popularly known as Cajetan de Sanvordem) has played the role of maestro with unmatched superiority while Salu Faleiro, Comedian Philip, Braz de Parra, Abby Pereira and Babbit Dourado have done justice to their roles as select artistes of the ensemble.

The theatre comedian, Salu Faleiro who began his career with one-scene glimpses in stage shows has played a cameo role in the movie. Salu’s ability to make someone laugh genuinely is absolutely great. His body language and dialogue delivery has the core strength of the indigenous. Infact there is something that is peculiar about the roles of Babbit Dourado, Braz, Philip and Salu Faleiro. They represent in their body and speech, the native idiom. While the other stars dressed their part, these actors have delved into the home milieu and come up with performances that carry the essence of originality. They have graduated with ease retaining their links to the native roots intact.

BLACK cast with Maestro Cajetan Pereira

Philip, a young veteran of more than 3 decades on stage, has mastered the art of comedy over the years. His charm and impeccable 'screen presence' captivates the audience in BLACK. "I feel proud to say I’ve never got a bad reception for my roles,” says Philip on his successful performance. He further adds, “I would like to categorize the film as a spectacle of humour, wit and emotion weaved together in a simplistic morality. The movie keeps your curiosity alive...”

Babbit Dourado has traversed much distance before he faced the movie camera. “I have fulfilled my dream to play a youth of this generation on screen,” stated Babbit about his role.

Braz de Parra’s role and existence in the movie is simply unforgettable. Winner of Best Singer Kala Academy Award in 1989, Braz also holds credits for the lyrics of ‘BLACK’.

Director of award winning short film in English, 'The Letter' that won the Best Film award at the 2005 London Film Festival, T-Bush has included a crew of Goan and Mangalore-ian artistes for the making of BLACK. The state-of-the-art director has made use of the latest E-Cinema technology for the making of the film.

The film premiered earlier on August 10, 2007 at Al Masrah, Hawally Auditorium at the hands of Indian Ambassador Mr. M. Ganapati is the first Indian film to be made in Kuwait, produced mainly for the Konkani masses.

The movie revolves around a musician who is involved in trivial assignments of traditional music. Culture and music means everything to the self-born maestro who just cannot give up on his passion for music. His effort to persuade the young genre to keep the art living in the face of fading tradition runs to an emotional zenith as the movie unfolds.

The music maestro and his five pupils form the core of this feature film. The five musicians who figure in the ‘BLACK’ ensemble portray what is wrong, what has changed, and what is inevitable in today’s genre of music and musicians in a sweet, just, humane and interesting melodrama of wit and emotions filmed with a Goan backdrop of traditions and culture.

:::The above article appeared in Kuwait's Arab Times on 11.11.2007:::

Gracy Morais breaks the ice on BLACK

Gracy breaks the ice on BLACK

-by gasper crasto

Gracy Morais, one of the stars of ‘BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion’ has been in the limelight right from the age of 4 years. A Kala Academy Award Winner for Best Child Artiste and Best Actress, Gracy has gained fame over the years in variety of roles including award winning ones at various stage competitions in Goa and Kuwait.

In an interview to Gasper Crasto after the release of the movie, Gracy speaks about her role and her alluring presence in ‘BLACK’. The Konkani language E-Cinema released by Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Mr. Madhusudan Ganapathi earlier in August 2007 is now set for re-screening with English subtitles on November 30, 2007 at Al Masrah, Hawally Auditorium. The movie is written and directed by T-Bush – winner of 3 International Awards at the London Film Festival for his short film, ‘The Letter’.

Excerpts of the interview with Gracy:

Q. Describe those moments when you saw yourself on the big screen.

Gracy: It was the most defining moment of my life. In those fleeting moments, I felt my soul completely bared and I sat completely vulnerable, open for criticism or praise that would follow from the packed audience watching the film. I felt alone although I had my entire family watching it with me. Of course, I missed my dad and wished he was alive to watch this film with me.

Q. Comment on your role in ‘BLACK.’

Gracy: We had a fair outline of the characters we would be portraying. However, the depth and intensity of my character hit me only after watching the film. I am glad that that my role has been etched out adequately by T-Bush.

Q. Comment on the views/reviews from the media on your role or the film.

Gracy: We had excellent reviews from the audience, some of whom personally complimented us on the film.

I guess some people had vague expectations from the film. Sadly enough, and as in many cases, people used ‘BLACK’ to settle personal vendettas against the promoters and artistes of the film. Some comments emanated from a section of people who could not differentiate between a film and drama or home videos. I believe constructive criticism can definitely lead to improvement but criticism laced with jealousy, hatred and envy can be hardly effective in bringing about an intended change. One should realize that a film is different from a stage play.

Q. How do you usually choose your roles?

Gracy: I wish producers would offer us a choice of scripts. But directors have their mind set and the artistes have to prepare themselves to meet the role requirements. However, all directors I have worked with have shown full trust in me and always given me the flexibility to mould my character within its broad parameters even to the extent of rewriting some of the dialogues.

Q. You seem to be giving a perfect performance every time you act? How hard is your effort and commitment towards acting?

Gracy: I love acting and when I commit to something there is no looking back. It is very important to visualize the character, get into it, and the rest is easy. If you cannot shake off your original personality, then you better be away.

Q. Of late you have a long interval in acting after BLACK. Why?

Gracy: I have been involved in too many activities since coming to Kuwait. I would like to really slow down a bit now.

Q. What are your views on Indian film production abroad?

Gracy: Oh, I am so glad that people like T-Bush have become the trendsetters in the Middle East. More and more people come forward nowadays to experiment the entertainment business in this part of the world. For us artistes, it is a blessing in disguise - we do not have to sacrifice our art just because we are migrated to the Middle East for greener pastures.

Q. Tell us about your favorite artistes and films.

Gracy: The list keeps growing. It is an overwhelming experience to watch some of the Indian actors and actresses come up with amazing performances in every new movie.

Q. What are your other future aspirations?

Gracy: May be, I will get into production soon – I have almost completed a film script that took some time to research – I am happy with the final effort. If I can arrange the resources I will get into production and direct it myself, if not, I might just offer it to some creative director to make a film out of it.

:::The above article appeared in Kuwait's Arab Times:::

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An interview with Francis de Verna


one of the guest stars of BLACK

Francis de Verna in a scene from BLACK

FRANCIS de VERNA is a long time resident in Kuwait. He has been on the Konkani stage in Goa and Mumbai since 1965. He has been elected to several Goan organizations including the Goan Welfare Society (GWS), and Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvstha (KGTS), and performs/sings on stage regularly. His Konkani AUDIO Album 'Ojapanchi Maim' in dedication to Mother Mary speaks much about the humble star's ingenuity in music and his ideological vision.

In a brief Interview to team, the senior Kuwait-based Goan Konkani stage artiste who plays a guest appearance role in the first Konkani E-Cinema “BLACK Nhesop Atanchem Fashion”, Francis de Verna revealed his heart:


Q. Tell us about what you felt about BLACK on its release.

Francis de Verna: To my knowledge and experience of Konkani entertainment in over 40 years, the film is fantastic with the best music ever produced for a Konkani film.

Q. Describe those moments when you saw yourself on the big screen.

Francis de Verna: As this was my first appearance on the big screen, I felt very happy and am proud to have acted in the first Konkani E-cinema.

Q. Comment on your role in Black.

Francis de Verna: My role is very simple but I liked it as it is -- short and sweet.

Q. How do you usually choose your roles?

Francis de Verna: I choose my roles based on my ability to do justice for the ‘character’ portrayed.

Q. How hard is your effort and commitment towards acting?

Francis de Verna: I have been performing on the stage since 1965. I have acted and sung for most of the yesteryear’s dramatists and troupes. I love the Konkani stage and will continue to work for it. I always put my utmost efforts and given an opportunity I commit myself to perform to the best of my ability.

Q. Which kind of characters do you like acting?

Francis de Verna: My characters are always of tragedy, and as long as I live I will do ‘sad’ roles. It gives me great enthusiasm to perform such roles. It gives me the strength to display my natural capabilities towards the enactment of such roles.

Q. Of late you are not heard of after BLACK. Why?

Francis de Verna: As we all are well aware, one’s job is more important in this part of the country for survival. Could be in the next film, I may be there with a better performance or in the next tiatr. I sang a song on ‘Goa Day’ very recently. If time permits, I would be ready to perform for all the forthcoming dramas, but sadly it is not to be so as my job is of such nature that I have to be in action at short notice.

Q. What are your views on Goan films?

Francis de Verna: Good prospects. Our village son from Verna T-Bush can now be considered as one of the Indian film greats! With the unique technology and sound system incorporated in ‘BLACK’, T-Bush has become a shining star of this genre. He is a pride of all Goans. Moreover, he has made Kuwait Goans proud producing the first E-Cinema from Kuwait.

Q. Tell us about your favourite artistes and films.

Francis de Verna: My favorite artistes were C.Alvares and Cecilia Machado. ‘Amchem Noxib’, ‘Nirmonn’ and ‘Mogacho Anvddo’ are the best Konkani films I’ve watched in the theatres.

Q. How would you rate yourself as an artiste?

Francis de Verna: As you are well aware singing and acting is in my blood. I rate myself in the top category of Konkani Stage artistes. As I mentioned earlier, I have been involved in many cultural activities right from my schooldays and I have always earned a good name as an artiste. That’s how I wish to remain.

Q. What are your other future aspirations?

Francis de Verna: Retiring peacefully in our beautiful Goa is my dream. I also wish to continue my good work on stage with the blessings of Almighty God.

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‘Rupem Bhangar Magi Naim’

Parental love towards children is incomparable

by J P Pereira (Navhind Times)

Comedian Dominick and Luis Bachan’s latest presentation ‘Rupem Bhangar Magi Naim’ is a tale of love showered on children by the parents, the ungratefulness from the children and the victory that can be achieved in most situations through love and in others, with a hard slap.Albert and Fatu is an elderly couple with a wayward son, Eddie. The parents are poor, all their savings were spent on the treatment of the son, when he was a baby. Now that they have no money, the son ill-treats them and makes demands.
George and Dolla are the other couple, well off and pampering their only son with gifts, money and love as well. George is loved by his neighbours as he does everyone a lot of good. He manages to put Eddie right but his own son......well, the rest is to be watched on stage in this engrossing and entertaining play which has been presented very well.

A good script highlighting various social issues and evils in our society is stylishly directed by Dominic. The appropriate setting and the light effects enhance the quality of the production with the well chosen cast putting up fine performances. Dolla is wonderful as the pampering mother who loves her husband and son as well as the bickering neighbours. Watch her as she awaits outside the ICU in the hospital, where her husband is admitted, Simply Superb! Luiza as Fatu puts her all in the role.

Pradeep Naik gives another brilliant performance as George especially when he displays disappointment in his son. Rupesh Jogle is perfect as the wayward son. His acting and dialogue delivery is great. Francis de Tuem is the rich man’s son and performs well in his first major role. The cast also has Albert as Albert, Andrew and Leslie as friends, and Millie as the school teacher.
As expected in Dominick’s plays, the comedy is packed with humorous situations. From the first entry that Luis Bachan makes along with Succorine and later Dominick as the
bald tailor with Mathew, the fun never ends keeping the audience roiling with Laughter.
Carlito backs the singers with some well arranged music and Xavier’s drumming is great. Andrew sings the opening song to introduce the play. There are solos, duets and trios by various singers including Luiza, Dolla, Andrew, Albert, Mathew, Luis, Dominick, Willie and Leslie. One solo rendered by Francis de Tuem stands out for the courage and guts displayed in the lyrics by the singer.
A wonderful presentation that has to be seen by the whole family. Don’t miss it

He Goynche Put

God has his own plans
by J P Pereira (Navhind Times)

Inacio de Canacona presents ‘He Goynche Put’ a drama based on the sacrificial life of a priest, his brother and parents. A different story and a good presentation!!
Anushka and Lazarus have two sons. One has been ordained a priest and deputed to a place with plenty of communal violence but also with a need of a missionary. The other son, Derrick, was a no good womaniser but has turned a new leaf with the prayers of his brother as well as some good advice. He is going to marry Riya, daughter of PI Braz, a honest cop. On the day of the wedding the family awaits the arrival of the priest, who is supposed to celebrate the nuptials. But there is some terrible news.....Watch the rest in this impressive drama that has a nice message at the end.
The title ‘He Goynche Put’ refers to Fr Agnel and Fr Jose Vaz and the director exhorts the Goan youth to emulate these holy priests. The Script has some good dialogues especially between the young priest and the leader of the religious bigots.
The cast has a couple of veterans but mostly fresh faces; Natty makes a fine debut on the Konkani stage with a beautiful performance as Riya. Her stage presence, dialogue delivery and overall acting are very good for a newcomer. Keep it up Natty, we hope to see more of you on the stage.
Jessie plays the role of the mother in her usual confidence and Flavia acts as the nun. Neville is perfect as the young priest and later as the Vicar, and so is Baptist as the unfortunate Derrick and Inacio as the leader of the communal goons. Peter de Merces is the father, Lazarus and Gabriel, the honest cop. Marshall is the sacristan in the Church.
The tragic tale is offset by good comedy from Rumaldo, Pitush and Allwyn, who present some good fun.
The opening song is rendered by Inacio with music provided by Braz de Xelvona. In between the acts there are some nice songs form Inacio, Jack, Rosario and an impressive trio from Inacio-Neville-Baptist.
Watch this drama by the upcoming director; it has entertainment and a nice presentation.